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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation involves changing ways to do daily tasks to reduce the energy used. Everyday activities can cause more fatigue because of the normal aging process.

Use the 4 P's below to feel less tired:


  • Decide which activity is the most important
  • You can say no to less important activities
  • Decide which activities can be done less often & take turns with someone else


  • Do your activity during the part of the day when you have the most energy
  • Switch between lighter and heavier activities
  • Plan for rest breaks throughout the day


  • Avoid Rushing
  • Work at a relaxed, steady pace using slow smooth movements


  • Use work surfaces at a comfortable height and sit for long lengthy tasks
  • Store the items that you use the most often between shoulder and waist level. This limits climbing, bending and reaching.
  • Put items back in their set places to avoid lengthy searches. Ask all family members to do the same.