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Rehabilitation and Wellness

Summer Time Tips

Summer is enjoyable for all ages. Children are finished with school and enjoying days in the sun. Adults look forward to summer vacations with family. There are so many reasons to enjoy summer and the nice, warm weather.
Therapy is focused on movements and a healthy lifestyle. Therapists are excited to find new ways to keep everyone active and moving this summer.
For children, ideas, like running through a sprinkler or spending an afternoon at the park, are always a hit. We think obstacle courses and playing in the pool are excellent strength and coordination builders. Any activity that involves movement, brain power, or a combination of the two is a step in the positive direction.
For adults, exercise can be challenging so the key is to make it fun and enjoyable. Staying active can be something like going for a walk or doing some yard work. It can also be things like biking, golfing, swimming, or even going for a hike.
Heat can cause some limitations with outdoor activities so make sure to stay hydrated and wear sun protection. Keep in mind that summer is enjoyable, and it’s a great time to stay active within the community in which you live.